• La France est depuis longtemps reconnue comme modèle d’économie agricole.
  • Le 20 juillet dernier, le gouvernement a rédigé un nouvel article de loi, l’article 62, (appelé le plan éco-nitrogène) en vue d’améliorer l’impact environnemental de l’agriculture en France.

L’impact environnemental de la nourriture et de l’agriculture :

L’agriculture est une source importante de pollution, pouvant être grandement réduite grâce à une meilleure régulation des méthodes de production. La nourriture est responsable de plus d’un quart des émissions de gaz à effet de serre .

  • La moitié de la surface de la terre habitable dans le monde est utilisée pour l’agriculture.
  • 70% de l’eau potable est utilisée pour agriculture.
  • 78%…

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of having a pet? Those conscious of the environment try their best to help save the earth by lowering their carbon footprint where possible. We recycle, make conscious choices when it comes to transport, shop carefully, and travel as sustainably as possible. Some of us are even eating less or no meat and dairy to combat the effect these industries have on the environment.

But does your eco-action list include your pets and caring for them? Keeping an animal as a pet comes with food and health care requirements and a unique…

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across the continents, the world still has a massive overpopulation problem. In the next three decades, it will get even worse. There will be around two billion people added to these numbers. With a growing population, urbanization and industrial development is a natural progression. This will lead to the loss of arable lands (any land capable of being ploughed and used to grow crops). Research shows that we’ve already lost around a third over the last 40 years. Without land to grow produce on, feeding all of us will become more and more challenging…

Whether it’s taking a drive to the grocery store, flying somewhere, shopping or firing up the grill to cook some (vegan) sausages — everybody on earth is responsible for releasing carbon dioxide into the air. This is called our carbon footprint. We all have one, and those of us who are environmentally conscious work hard to reduce it.

We’ve stopped using plastic straws, we recycle, we try our best to drive less, etc. Little by little we are helping to combat climate change. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Did you know we also have a digital carbon footprint? Even doing…

Eco-tourism is all about traveling without leaving a heavy footprint as you pass through. By staying in eco-friendly lodges and being conscious of the impact your trip has on the environment you will be helping the planet heal while enjoying luxurious accommodation and experiencing amazing wildlife. Sustainability does not have to be a burden, it can be an opportunity to build beautiful memories while contributing to nature.

Here are ten awesome eco-friendly lodges located in Africa. I’ve been to one or two of them but would love to travel to each and every one of these in the future. …

Technology green tree by Gilles Berdugo
Technology green tree by Gilles Berdugo
Cleantech Tree

Exploring Cleantech

I recently wrote about how meat can now be grown in a lab using technology. This got me thinking of how technology is not always the evil some paint it to be. Yes, it can be bad for the environment for various reasons, like:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions through transportation and manufacturing
  • Hazardous waste
  • Unsustainable use of raw materials in various tech based manufacturing processes
  • Clearing of land for raw material extraction
  • Use of environmentally destructive chemicals in production
  • Water contamination

But it’s not all bad. As the call for cleaner and more sustainable ways to do business becomes more urgent…

Le monde réalise enfin que ce que nous mangeons influence la planète, c’est pourquoi la consommation de viande est en baisse.
Les végétariens sont en vogue. Mais que fait-on de ceux qui aiment vraiment manger un bon steak bien saignant, une côte de porc ou un hamburger de viande de bœuf au barbecue ? Nous avons une solution.
De nombreuses options sont à portée de main, comme les champignons, le tofu ou encore le tempeh. En réalité, une réelle tendance a été créée pour tenter de recréer le goût et la texture de la viande, sans la cruauté ou l’atteinte portée à…

Vegan is the new Black — Gilles Berdugo
Vegan is the new Black — Gilles Berdugo
Vegan is the new Black

The world is realising that what we eat is affecting the planet, and so there’s been a major trend to eat less meat. Vegan is indeed the new black. But what about those people who really, really love the taste of a juicy steak, a pork chop or a beef burger on the barbecue? Well, there’s a plan for that. These days there are many more options than mushrooms, tofu or tempeh. In fact, there’s been a huge drive to recreate the taste and texture of meat, but without the cruelty and environmental harm attached to it. There’s even been…

As the world is slipping deeper and deeper into a vortex of uncertainty and fear brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all tired of the word “crisis.” Most of us are going through major change. Our relationships, the way we work, the way we shop, how we exercise, and the way we interact with strangers are all affected. Having to think of a “crisis” on top of that is just too much for most of us. But, the thing is, we have to. The pandemic is not the only crisis we are currently faced with. …

Certain disent que le tourisme d’observation des gorilles en Afrique est l’une des histoires de préservation les plus réussies au monde. D’autres, voire même certains de mes amis, persistent à prétendre qu’il est injuste que leur habitat naturel soit envahi. En effet, on pourrait penser que la présence des humains sur l’habitat naturel des animaux puisse porter atteinte à leur joie, santé, écologie et voire même l’ensemble de leur bien-être. J’ai décidé de faire des recherches sur le sujet sur Google, avant de forger ma propre opinion sur le sujet. …

Gilles Berdugo

Eco-friendly globetrotter seeking to make the world a greener place and creator of https://facilementecolo.com/

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